1. How long will I have to wait for my curtains/ blinds?

Your curtains and blinds will be ready in 2-6 weeks after you place your order. Your advisor will keep you updated on the progress.

2. Do you fit your blinds and curtains?

Yes, if you would like us to fit your curtains and blinds, please contact us.

3. Do you do inhouse consultations?

We have professional and experienced team, who provides over the phone consultation, but if you would like inhouse consultation, please email us.

4. Do you refund if I don’t like the curtains?

All our curtains are custom made, therefore we do not accept returns; however, if there is any issues with quality, we will be happy to replace.

5. How do I choose my curtains?

Choosing fabric
The two factors that you should consider while picking your fabric are:
1. The amount of sunlight you want streaming in.
2. The mood and décor of your room. For example, heavier fabrics suit more traditional rooms while sheer fabrics work best in more minimalistic rooms.

Choosing your colour
We are happy to help you choose the right fabric for your premises:
Bright fabrics
Bright fabrics visually enlarge the window and thus make rooms appear larger. Such colors are associated with lightness, brightness and positivity. With restrained and neutral colors, the rest of the interior design is left with the grand appearance.

Dark fabrics
Darker fabrics look very elegant and modern. They add a lot of warmth to a room. They serve especially as a good privacy screen from prying eyes.

Coloured fabrics
Colour looks lively and expressive. However, the design with colored fabrics requiresa lot of sensitivity, because the mix of too many colors can seem chaotic. These fabrics should blend harmoniously with the rest of the interior. Choose a color that can also be found in other elements of the room.

Fabrics with patterns
Fabrics with patterns provide a playful flair. Choosing such substances takes some courage. If these fabrics are intended as eye-catchers, then you are well served with eye-catching patterns with strong colors.

Determine and measure the width
When determining the width of your curtains, take measurements from the desired starting point to the desired vertex.
If, for example. B you opt for two for larger window areas,in this case divide the obtained value by two and round up the result.
If space permits, we recommend that you order the curtain with a protrusion of 10-20cm on the side.
This prevents the curtain from appearing too small and offers better privacy from the outside.

Determine and measure the height
There is basically no standard for the height of your desired curtain. Depending on the length of the curtain, it has a completely different effect on the room atmosphere.

Floating curtains:
Usually the choice falls on the floating curtains.The curtain ends here 1 to 2 cm above the ground. This curtain length is practical and hygienic.

Floor-length curtains:
Floor-length curtains look more traditional. Experience has shown that there are slight unevenness on the ceiling in most apartments/houses – so we do not recommend this curtain length.

Protruding curtains:
If you order your curtain 1 – 2cm above the floor-closing length, it stands up slightly. The curtain is fanning out.

Extra-long curtains:
This length looks very pompous and elegant, especially in large, high rooms. We recommend that you also add between 5 – 15cm from the ground.

Our recommendation:
If you opt for day and night curtains, we recommend that you order the night curtain 1cm longer than the day curtains.
(Example: Day Curtain 2.35cm / Night Curtain 2.36cm)

How to measure your curtains correctly:
Measure at different points for each window, as floors and ceilings are not always flat.
Measure flush from the bottom edge of your curtain rail to the floor or window sill. Then add or remove the corresponding centimeters according to your taste.
Hint: In the case of curtains with loops or eyelets, the loops/eyelets are already part of the curtain length.